Slow Dance on the Fault Line

“It begins with heavy dust drops of rain and the sound of the elements colliding, rumbling, like an elevator dropping. Then white light in veins, like the veins of a man’s arms running down the wrist to the shoulder, then nothing. If God is a man, then these are his arms; if God is a woman, then these are her lover’s.”

Donald Rawley‘s Slow Dance On The Fault Line, p.127. (1997).

This excerpt from Rawley’s short story collection captures the sudden onset violence of a thunderstorm in southern California. All of his stories employ graphic, poetic imagery that reminds me of Kate Braverman in poetry, and Chandler and Isherwood in prose. Rawley is the author of numerous short stories, some novels. His novel The Night Bird Cantata earned him critical acclaim first in England and later in the United States. Mr. Rawley left us in 1998.


About gabrielswharf

gabriel’s wharf is a blog on the random thoughts and writings of author Gabriel Valjan. His stories continue to appear online and in print journals. Winter Goose Publishing publishes his Roma Series.
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