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3D: Disgrace, Defiance, and Definition

“The theory has always been, especially among English actors, that if you’re serious about ‘Lear,’ you should play it twice,” explains [actor Patrick] Stewart. “Once when you’re young and strong enough to carry Cordelia, and once when you’re old enough … Continue reading

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Mens sana in corpore sano

This post is a response to a recent Ploughshares Tweet in which they called out to writers in the Twitterverse to blog their ideas and suggestions for healthy habits. Thank you, Caitlyn for alerting me to this tweet. We have … Continue reading

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Of ice and light, then nothing

“Biletet byrjar å svive, flyt ut i kantane, samlar seg, nei samlar seg ikkje. Det er ein munn som smiler. Ein munn fra ei anna verd. Nei det er ingen munn, det er ikkje noko smil, det er noko ingen … Continue reading

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We are not in the same world

non iam sola suas lamentet Troia ruinas: pertulit et caedes terra Thoringa pares. (20) hinc rapitur laceris matrona revincta capillis, nec laribus potuit dicere triste vale. oscula non licuit captivo infigere posti nec sibi visuris ora referre locis. nuda maritalem … Continue reading

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Shame, shame on a conquered king

With roȝe raged mosse rayled aywhere, With mony bryddez vnblyþe vpon bare twyges, Þat pitosly þer piped for pyne of þe colde. With rough ragged moss everywhere With many birds bleakly upon bare twigs That piteously piped there for pain … Continue reading

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An unhappy conformism

“Just as men’s prayers are a disease of the will, so are their creeds a disease of the intellect.” – R.W. Emerson in Self-Reliance. I’m no fan of Emerson. While I understand that Emerson and his Transcendentalists saw divinity as … Continue reading

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