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New England Vampire

Kids will go trick-or-treating, television will run horror-o-thon movies, parents will steal candy from their children, dentists everywhere will bank on the harvest of cavities, and readers will revisit their shelves or libraries to reread Gothic tales, or the corpus … Continue reading

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Here Comes Poor Johnny

The standard interpretation of Milton’s sonnet “When I consider how my light is spent” argues that the poet is speaking about his blindness, a loss that torments him to the point of considering suicide, but he lacks the “talent” to … Continue reading

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World War I: A World Made Mad

It is a strange book – not fiction, not allegory, not hard stuff. I hold for it three things: It is true. It has the form of a wedge. It sets light at the heart of a matter that has … Continue reading

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Excerpt from Roma Series Book 3: Threading the Needle

L’Italia è l’antica terra del dubbio. Italy is the ancient homeland of doubt. —Massimo D’Azeglio 1 This was a bad idea from the start. Isidore Farrugia sat in a car, watching Bianca from across Via Manzoni. He was off-duty, out … Continue reading

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