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World War I: Haunted Faith

“I am haunted by humans.” –Death, our narrator, in the last line of Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief. Maxim Gorky and Vladimir Maiakovsky are not two writers most readers of Russian literature would put in the same sentence. Even their … Continue reading

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An Irishman’s Revenge

In the literary hallway the footsteps of John O’Hara have faded to less than an echo. I have my theories as to why that is the case, but I’d like to explore the verdicts in three distinct prefaces to O’Hara … Continue reading

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M is for Mississippi in March

There is no greater joy than discovering a new writer, for it justifies the thumb’s mileage, the ho-hum trudge through lifeless prose. There are those missteps, those false glimmers of promise and then the inevitable dissatisfaction. There is a lot … Continue reading

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