Agatha Award Eligible Titles for Malice Domestic 31

Agatha Award Eligible* for Malice Domestic 31, 3-5 May 2019 in Bethesda, MD. Eligible means published in 2018.

  • Best Contemporary Novel
  • Best Historical
  • Best First Novel
  • Best Nonfiction
  • Best Short Story
  • Best Children/ Young Adult

*Check this site periodically, since it will be updated. Ballots due 23 January 2019.

Authors: Please verify that your title is eligible and in the appropriate category. Contact me via this page for Additions/Corrections. Please review the quote below from Malice Domestic.

The Agatha Awards will be awarded at Malice Domestic 31 for books and stories first published in the United States by a living author during the calendar year 2018 (January 1-December 31), either in hardcover, as a paperback original, or as an e-book by an e-publishing firm.

The Agatha Awards honor the “traditional mystery,” books typified by the works of Agatha Christie and others. For our purposes, the genre is loosely defined as mysteries that contain no explicit sex, excessive gore or gratuitous violence, and are not classified as “hard-boiled.”

Best Contemporary Novel

  • Sparkle Abbey. The Dogfather.
  • Cathy Ace. The Case of the Unsuitable Suitor.
  • Donna Andrews. Lark! The Herald Angels Sing.
  • Donna Andrews. Toucan Keep a Secret.
  • D.A. Bartley. Blessed Be the Wicked.
  • R.G. Belsky. Yesterday’s News.
  • R.G. Belsky. Playing Dead.
  • Sandra Betting. Death comes to Dogwood Manor.
  • Heather Blake. To Catch a Witch.
  • Alison Brook. Read and Gone.
  • Catherine Bruns. Crumbled to Pieces.
  • Leslie Budewitz. As the Cookie Crumbles.
  • Lucy Burdette. Death on the Menu.
  • VM Burns. The Novel Art of Murder.
  • Mollie Cox Bryan. Assault and Beadery.
  • Ellen Byron. Mardi Gras Murder.
  • Richard Cass. Burton’s Solo.
  • Vivien Chien. Dim Sum of All Fears.
  • Laura Childs and Terrie Farley. Glitter Bomb.
  • Matt Coleman. Graffiti Creek.
  • Cate Conte. Purrder She Wrote.
  • Bruce Robert Coffin. Beyond the Truth.
  • Sheila Connolly. Tied Up with a Bow.
  • Mary Ann Corrigan. S’more Murders.
  • Annette Dashofy. Cry Wolf.
  • Kaitlyn Dunnett. Crime & Punctuation.
  • Tracee de Hahn. A Well-Timed Murder.
  • Vickie Fee. Til Death Do Us Party.
  • Mary Feliz. Disorderly Conduct.
  • Amanda Flower. Death and Daisies.
  • Jacqueline Frost. Twas the Knife Before Christmas.
  • Kellye Garrett. Hollywood Ending.
  • Victoria Gilbert. Shelved under Murder.
  • Alexia Gordon. Killing in C Sharp.
  • Victoria Hamilton. No Grater Danger.
  • Victoria Hamilton. Breaking the Mould.
  • Sherry Harris. I Know What You Bid Last Summer.
  • Jenna Harte. Truly, Madly, Deadly.
  • Cheryl Hollon. Shattered at Sea.
  • Mary Ellen Hughes. A Vintage Death.
  • Roger Johns. River of Secrets.
  • Sybil Johnson. Designed for Haunting.
  • Leslie Karst. Death al Fresco.
  • Cynthia Kuhn. The Spirit in Question.
  • Alice Loweecey. Nun After the Other.
  • Leigh Perry. The Skeleton Makes a Friend.
  • GM Malliet. In Prior’s Wood.
  • Meg Macy. Bear Witness to Murder.
  • Lynn Cahoon. Who Moved My Goat Cheese?
  • Lynn Cahoon. Killer Green Tomatoes.
  • Lynn Cahoon. Slay in Character.
  • Catriona McPherson. Go to My Grave.
  • Catriona McPherson. Scot Free.
  • Alan Orloff. Pray for the Innocent.
  • Lori Rader-Day. Under A Dark Sky.
  • Shari Randall. Against the Claw.
  • J.R. Ripley. A Birder’s Guide to Murder.
  • J.R. Ripley. Beignets and Broomsticks.
  • Hank Phillippi Ryan. Trust Me.
  • Barbara Ross. Stowed Away.
  • Susan Shea. Dress for Death in Burgundy.
  • Judy Penz Sheluk. A Hole in One.
  • Terry Shames. A Reckoning in the Back Country.
  • Nancy Cole Silverman. Reason to Doubt.
  • Shawn Reilly Simmons. Murder on the Rocks.
  • Shawn Reilly Simmons. Murder with All the Trimmings.
  • Clea Simon. A Spell of Murder.
  • Clea Simon. Cross My Path.
  • Clea Simon. Fear on Four Paws.
  • Wendy Tyson. Rooted in Deceit.
  • Kathleen Valenti. 39 Winks.
  • LynDee Walker. Fear No Truth.
  • Betty Webb. The Otter of Death.
  • Mary Wingate. Midsummer Mayhem.
  • Sarah Zettel. The Other Sister.
  • James Ziskin. A Stone’s Throw.

Best Historical

  • Anna Huber-Aycock. A Brush With Shadows.
  • Anna Huber-Aycock. Treacherous is the Night.
  • Rhys Bowen. Four Funerals and Maybe a Wedding.
  • L.A. Chandlar. The Gold Pawn.
  • Mary Ellen Dennis. Cirque.
  • Jessica Ellicott. Murder Flies the Coop.
  • Nancy Herriman. Searcher of the Dead.
  • D.E. Ireland. With a Little Bit of Blood.
  • Laurie King. Island of the Mad.
  • Sujata Massey. The Widows of Malabar Hill.
  • Edith Maxwell. Turning the Tide.
  • Frances McNamara. Death at the Selig Studios.
  • Catronia McPherson. A Step So Grave (Dandy Gliver)
  • Steph Post. Walk in the Fire.
  • Heather Redmond. A Tale of Two Murders.
  • Charles Todd. The Gatekeeper.
  • Vicki Thompson. Murder on Union Square.
  • Jeri Westerson. The Deepest Grave.
  • Lauren Willig. The English Wife.
  • Ovidia Yu. The Frangipani Tree Mystery.

Best First Novel

  • Mary Lee Ashford. Game of Scones.
  • Bree Baker. Live and Let Chai.
  • LD Barnes. The 107th Street Murder.
  • Vivien Chien. Death by Dumpling.
  • Becky Clark. Fiction Can Be Murder.
  • John Copenhaver. Dodging and Burning.
  • Dianne Freeman. A Lady’s Guide to Etiquette and Murder.
  • Edwin Hill. Little Comfort.
  • Aimee Hix. What Doesn’t Kill You.
  • Christopher Huang. A Gentleman’s Murder.
  • Peter W.J. Hayes. The Things That Aren’t There.
  • Tina Kashian. Hummus and Homicide.
  • Catherine Maiorisi. A Matter of Blood.
  • Gale Massey. The Girl from Blind River.
  • Paula Matter. Last Call.
  • Liz Milliron. Root of All Evil.
  • Paula Munier. A Borrowing of Bones.
  • Karen Neary. Death in Disguise.
  • Zaida Nightingale. The Last Note.
  • Andrea Penrose. Murder at Half Moon Gate.
  • Keenan Powell. Deadly Solution.
  • Shari Randall. Curses, Boiled Again!
  • Lissa Redmond. A Cold Day in Hell.
  • Annie Sullivan. A Touch of Gold.
  • P.J. Vernon. When You Find Me.
  • Jane Willan. The Shadow of Death.

Best Nonfiction

  • Mikita Brottman. An Unexplained Death.
  • Jane Cleland. Mastering Plot Twists.
  • Jane Ann Turzillo. Wicked Women of Ohio.

Best Short Story

  • Michael Bracken. “Mr. Sugarman Visits the Bookmobile” in Shhh…Murder.
  • Leslie Budewitz. “All God’s Sparrows” in AHMM, May/June 2018.
  • Susanna Calkins. “A Postcard for the Dead” in Florida Happens.
  • Barb Goffman. “The Case of the Missing Pot Roast” in Florida Happens.
  • Barb Goffman. “Bug Appétit” in EQMM, Nov/Dec. 2018.
  • Gwen Florio. “Marta” in Night of the Flood.
  • Kerry Hammond. “To Protect the Guilty” in Mystery Most Geographical.
  • Edwin Hill. “White Tights And Mary Janes” in EQMM, Jan/Feb 2018.
  • Toni L.P. Kelner “The Adventure of the Six Sherlocks” in For the Sake of the Game.
  • Deborah Lacy, “Taking Care” in AHMM, May/June 2018.
  • Tara Laskoswki. “The Case of the Vanishing Professor” in AHMM, May/June 2018.
  • GM Malliet. “Mad about You” in Mystery Most Geographical.
  • GM Malliet. “Victory Garden” in EQMM.
  • GM Maillet. “Maui: Road to Hana” in EQMM.
  • Edith Maxwell. “A Divination of Death” in Mystery Most Geographical.
  • Alan Orloff. “Bark Simpson and the Scent of Death” in Fur, Feathers and Felonies.
  • Alan Orloff. “Dying in Dokesville” in Mystery Most Geographical.
  • Alan Orloff. “And the Water Kept Rising” in Night of the Flood.
  • Alan Orloff. “The Quarry” in Landfall.
  • Eleanor Cawood Jones. “All Accounted For at The Hooray for Hollywood Hotel” in Florida Happens.
  • Eleanor Cawood Jones. “A Snowball’s Chance” in Fur, Feathers and Felonies.
  • Eleanor Cawood Jones. Keep Calm and Love Moai” in Mystery Most Geographical.
  • Kris Kisska. “Czech Mate” in Mystery Most Geographical.
  • Deborah Lacy. “Taking Care” in AHMM, May/June 2018
  • Lori Rader-Day. “Outlaws” in Unloaded 2.
  • Laura Oles. “Island Time” in Mystery Most Geographical.
  • Josh Pachter.If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Murder” in Mystery Most Geographical.
  • Josh Pachter. “The Supreme Art of War” in Fur, Feathers and Felonies.
  • Josh Pachter. “50” in EQMM, Nov/Dec. 2018.
  • Shari Randall. “Pet” in Fur, Feathers and Felonies.
  • Harriette Sackler. “The Breaker Boy” in Mystery Most Geographical.
  • Harriette Sackler. “Baby Blues” in Landfall.
  • Terry Shames. “You Kill Me” in Unloaded 2.
  • Debra Lattanzi Sutika. “Frozen Iguana” in Florida Happens.
  • Art Taylor. “English 398: Fiction Workshop” in EQMM. July/August 2018.
  • Robin Templeton. “Hunter’s Moon in Fur, Feathers and Felonies.
  • Robin Templeton. “Ho’oponopono” in Mystery Most Geographical
  • Wendy Tyson. “Anything Worth Saving” in Night of the Flood.
  • LynDee Walker. “One Dish Sin and Salvation” in Landfall.
  • Stella Bolla Woodson. “Duty, Honor, Hammett” in EQMM. Nov/Dec 2018.
  • Gabriel Valjan. “Sardines” in Landfall.
  • Elaine Viets. “When a Man loves a Woman” in Deal with the Devil and 13 Stories.
  • James Ziskin. “Pan Paniscus” in Unloaded 2.

Best Children/Young Children

  • Cindy Callaghan. Potion Problems: Just Add Magic Book 2.
  • Ben Guterson. The Secrets of Winterhouse.
  • Ben Guterson. Winterhouse.
  • Julie Moffett. Geek Girls Rule!
  • Annie Sullivan. A Touch of Gold.
  • C. M. Surrissi. A Side of Sabotage.

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36 Responses to Agatha Award Eligible Titles for Malice Domestic 31

  1. Thanks for including me!

  2. My book, SHELVED UNDER MURDER, is also eligible for Best Contemporary. Thanks, Victoria Gilbert

  3. Meg Mims says:

    D.E. Ireland’s WITH A LITTLE BIT OF BLOOD should be in the Best Historical category — it’s not a contemp. THANK YOU!

  4. Wow! Thanks so much for including me on your list!

  5. cleasimon says:

    Thanks so much for including me – but my “The Ninth Life” isn’t eligible. The third in that (Blackie & Care) series, “Cross My Path,” would be though!

  6. Thanks for including my book, but Tonya Williams from Malice has told me A Lady’s Guide to Etiquette and Murder is eligible for best first but not best historical.

  7. Hi Gabriel, I just discovered you and this list. Not sure if you can add it, but my cozy, A HOLE IN ONE, is eligible. Thank you for considering it.

  8. This is fabulous! Thank you for making my Malice reading list and thank you for including my two novels. I also have an eligible short story, “Pet” from Chesapeake Crimes: Fur, Feathers, and Felonies. Best wishes to you!

  9. Thanks a million! Really appreciate it.

  10. I hope you’ll consider “A Gentleman’s Murder” … I think it should be eligible for both First Novel and Historical.

  11. Julie Anne Lindsey says:

    Live & Let Chai by Bree Baker
    T’was the Knife Before Christmas by Jacqueline Frost
    Are both eligible for Best Contemporary!
    Thank you for compiling this awesome list!

  12. Kristin Schadler says:

    To Catch a Witch by Heather Blake is eligible for Best Contemporary.

  13. Pingback: Do you know about the Agatha Awards? | Clea Simon

  14. Thanks, Gabriel. What a great resource!

  15. catriona says:

    Thank you for including, Go To My Grave, Gabriel. You’re a marvel of organisation and energy! (I think Scot Free is probably eligible in the same category. It’s got a bit of ick and a bit of humorous bedroom activity, but it was put in for the MHC award.)

    • I added Scot Free and Congrats on that Lefty nomination. I’m curious as to whether there are ‘rules’ prohibiting an author having two titles in the same category? I couldn’t find any such language on the MD web.

  16. “Killing in C Sharp” by Alexia Gordon for Best Contemporary
    “The Gatekeeper” by Charles Todd for Best Historical

    • I added The Gatekeeper, but not Alexia Gordon’s title. If you look on Amazon, you’ll see the PB came out in 2017, the e-book in 2018. As I understand the MD Rules, an eligible title has to have been released in 2018. If you disagree, please let me know.

  17. Barbara Ross says:

    Hi Gabriel. My book Stowed Away is eligible for best contemporary. It’s confusing because if you look at Amazon it appears Stowed Away was December 2017, but the Agatha’s go by copyright date which for Stowed Away is 2018. For that same reason Debra Goldstein’s One Taste Too Many, listed above, is not eligible until next year.

  18. Barb Goffman says:

    Curses, Boiled Again! is Shari Randall’s first novel, so it should be in the best first category.

  19. Lynn Cahoon says:

    Additions – Lynn Cahoon’s Who Moved My Goat Cheese, Killer Green Tomatoes, and Slay in Character are all eligible for Best Contemporary. Thanks for posting these. Lynn

  20. Thanks for the list. I’m using it. Frances

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