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We hold empty names

“Toen de wereld vijf eeuwen jonger was, hadden alle levensgevallen veel scherper uiterlijke vormen dan nu.” “When the world was half a thousand years younger all events had much sharper outlines than now.” –Johan Huizinga (1872-1945) in Payton and Mammitzsch’s … Continue reading

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We are not in the same world

non iam sola suas lamentet Troia ruinas: pertulit et caedes terra Thoringa pares. (20) hinc rapitur laceris matrona revincta capillis, nec laribus potuit dicere triste vale. oscula non licuit captivo infigere posti nec sibi visuris ora referre locis. nuda maritalem … Continue reading

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Shame, shame on a conquered king

With roȝe raged mosse rayled aywhere, With mony bryddez vnblyþe vpon bare twyges, Þat pitosly þer piped for pyne of þe colde. With rough ragged moss everywhere With many birds bleakly upon bare twigs That piteously piped there for pain … Continue reading

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Mayhem in the Margins

April is National Poetry Month. This hilarious article about medieval monks and marginalia is a distant yet familiar reminder about the hard work that writing involves. No matter the language, time period, or culture, the act of writing has always … Continue reading

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