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Marcelle Sauvageot: Love’s deceptive pirouette

The best works of literature speak to the eternal, the human condition, irrespective of historical context, their original language, or the author’s gender. Marcelle Sauvageot’s Commentary belongs to world literature because it depicts the human situation and because it defies … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Woman: Dorothy Salisbury Davis

The Twenties had the Lost Generation; the Fifties had the Beat Generation, yet all through the Thirties, Forties and well into the Sixties and Seventies, there was a group of women writers of crime fiction less talked about, less read … Continue reading

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The colonel is dead

The colonel died yesterday. Gabriel García Márquez may have passed away in a hospital in Mexico City, but for many who affectionately called him Gabo, he simply walked into the forest of his Macondo. I call him the ‘colonel’ because … Continue reading

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An Irishman’s Revenge

In the literary hallway the footsteps of John O’Hara have faded to less than an echo. I have my theories as to why that is the case, but I’d like to explore the verdicts in three distinct prefaces to O’Hara … Continue reading

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Eeyore finds Happiness

With my morning’s coffee near the mouse pad I opened up Anna Elliott’s Writer Unboxed article, “The School of Happiness.” Anna’s article is a cogent comment on the trend that happy endings are somehow not literary, not genuine. Agents, editors, … Continue reading

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