A banker with a conscience

Eric Martin returns in another financial thriller from Georges Bénay. This time, acting more on a hunch than real evidence, he suspects that there is more afoot with a successful stock trader. Eric has more than a pebble in shoe when he tries to investigate the data behind all the homerun transaction — he’s offered a foreign post in his banking firm. Eric is persistent as a mule, which prompts a visit from the bad guys. The ‘motivation’ doesn’t work. Eric is now more determined to find out what’s what. A plot device from his first book, Nomad on the Run, reappears in this story, but you wouldn’t have had to read the first book to appreciate its significance.

The novel’s start was a bit slow for me. There was a lot of Telling than Showing with some backstory before anything happens. I found it difficult at times to discern what was important to Eric’s investigation. The story does pick up, there are some clever red herrings, and I found myself thinking and guessing along with Eric. That is no easy task for any writer. Bénay describes the esoteric world of financial crime, which few know or understand, and delivers a fast-paced thriller in exotic locales, and peopled with memorable characters who are ambiguous.

With some patience with the story’s start, the reader is rewarded with action, intrigue and a guessing game behind the mystery.

Note: I received this book free of charge from the author for an honest review.

Both books in the Nomad Series are available at Amazon.


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